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My interest in photography began in high school when I started working on yearbook. I used to capture all of the school events on film. I even got to do some work in the school's darkroom. I was known in highschool as the camera guy. After I graduated from highschool, my interest in photography never ended although I never persued formal studies.

My infatuation with photography began again in 1997-98. Experimentation and reorientation with black and white photography was my main focus. I found that black and white photography brings a lot more focus to a photograph. The shots seem cleaner and crisper than colour shots. So in 1999 I started doing quite a few black and white sessions with various subjects.

2000 and 2001 had brought a lot of exposure to my work with my pictures making a few appearances in print magazines such as Brown Sugar Magazine, Trade, Canadian Musician, Realms, Persuit and Access. As well as exposure on various indie musician websites.

I continue to shoot live music and love doing portraits with interesting people.


Photography, Music, Community Building, Xbox.